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Landscape lighting is often a home feature that isn’t directly appreciated, but its effects make a huge difference for a property,

  • casting the house in a welcoming glow
  • making soft and hardscapes look magical
  • enabling safe movement around the property, and
  • increasing your time spent outside.
  • providing security
  • preventing excessive light pollution from flood lighting

When we design lighting systems we want to help prevent lighting pollution that is created with flood lighting, coach lights, or other traditional methods of lighting your yard. Over 60% of all biology depends on and exploits the darkness of night. Darkness is critically important to their (and our own) well being. Dark skies and landscapes help control migration, food storage and protects against predation. To provide you the use of your landscapes at night with all the other benefits of landscape lighting and also help protect insects, birds and other creatures, we follow these design rules:

  • We don't allow lights to shine off of the property
  • We use the dimmest possible illumination
  • No use of white light which blinds night vision, fools circadian rhythm and can result in poor health for us (and is a matter of life and death for wildlife)
  • We appreciate the sights and sounds of nature and will do our part to help preserve those

Our outdoor lighting systems are professionally designed and installed so that you can be confident your house and property are highlighted beautifully and all electrical components are installed properly and to code.

We also make every effort to use fixtures that are built in North America where possible. Fixtures made of materials made to last, like brass, aluminum and steel.

Give us a call to discuss the areas you’d like brought to life at night. We are happy to offer ideas and guidance on smart, tasteful lighting techniques.

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