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Nothing gives us more enrichment and pleasure than having the beauty and colours of healthy plant life around us. As caring and skilled gardeners, we love to bring homeowners’ properties to life. We design and install gardens and landscapes to beautify leisure spaces, soften the lines of hardscapes, and create personal spaces for diversion and rejuvenation.

We listen to what you want and help provide you with what you need. Our focus is to bring your landscapes closer to nature. We strive to incorporate native plants, provide habitat for birds, beneficial insect and other creatures. We also do our best to create gardens that recharge the groundwater, improve the soil web biome and hopefully help capture carbon from the atmosphere.

Why not use plant life to function as a fence, slope retention or wall? Shrubs are one of the most beautiful ways to define your property lines, provide visual barriers where needed and surround your private retreat in lush greenery.

We develop gardens to suit the homeowner and the home. Whether you enjoy the occasional work in the garden or prefer a completely hands off approach, we can create the perfect garden for you.

  • Native plantings
  • Shade-loving gardens
  • Showy floral gardens
  • Rock gardens
  • Herb and veg gardens
  • Ground cover beds
  • Cottage Style
  • Fairy Gardens
  • Formal

We look forward to the every new project because we love to see how much pleasure each unique garden design provides to its homeowner. Give us a call to discuss your perfect surroundings.

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