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Caring for your lawn is much more than just throwing down fertilizer and applying weed control. We're slowly coming to realize that the soil is a living thing. It consists of many organisms that are inter-dependant. The lawn care that we provided in the past killed off some types of the organisms that live there and created an imbalance. This created a vicious cycle of fertilizer and weed control. When we saw many weeds, severe insect problems, or nutrient deficiencies it was normally because we have damaged or caused an imbalance in what is known as the soil food web. We need a balance of Nematodes, bacteria, fungi and protozoa in the soil. When there is a healthy Soil Web Biome the soil can provide all that your grass or plants need. It also helps control weed problems (as they are normally a symptom of an unhealthy soil), controls insect problems, improves moisture holding ability and prevents erosion. We are moving away from synthetic fertilizers and will eliminate synthetics from our offerings in 2021. Our programs now focus on feeding the soil biome, increasing the organic content, eliminating synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, Aerating the soil, introducing new grass varieties and soil fungi and bringing back a balance in the soil food web.

Programs offered:

Healthy Choice

Premium Organic

Purple Planet

Other Services:

Core Aeration


Mini-Clover seeding

Mycorrhizae application

Nematode application for grub control

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