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Providing Quality landscape maintenance and installation services with knowledge and professionalism that sets us apart. Quality is in our nature.

We believe in working with nature, not conquering it. That's why we try to keep paths and patios simple, yet unique and visually appealing. We want the gardens to make the true statement in your landscape. Our unique and stunning gardens blend with your house and other landscape elements to bring nature into your living space. Every service we provide has a focus on reducing our climate footprint. Nature is in trouble. Plummeting insect numbers threaten the collapse of nature. More than 40% of insect species are declining - a third are endangered. That's a rate of extinction 8 times faster than mammals. Insects are Essential for proper functioning of ALL ecosystems, as food for creatures, pollinators and recyclers of nutrients. The loss of insects will have catastrophic consequences for both our ecosystems and the survival of mankind. 3 Billion birds have vanished since 1970 in North America - nearly 30% of all birds. Pesticides, loss of habitat, light pollution and even cats have taken their toll. We can help design and maintain landscapes that help provide habitat, food for wildlife, recharge groundwater, help prevent light pollution, improve the soil web biome and provide carbon sequestration.

Our team

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Our History

Everything's been coming up Purple since 2002!

With ongoing training we can boast over 34 years of gardening and landscaping experience. With previous work experience that includes Garden Center management, Municipal Parks work and employment at one of Canadas biggest resorts as a Head Gardener, you can be assured that we have the knowledge to make and keep your landscape beautiful.