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We help you to create beautiful, functional, nature friendly and unique landscapes. When you’re thinking of a landscape transformation to add to the enjoyment of your home and the value of your property, you want to be sure the result is an improvement fitting the investment. The design and planning phase is critical to a successful project and a company with both construction and design expertise will ensure you have a smooth process and a beautiful end product. We listen to what you want and guide you to what you need, with a nudge toward bringing your landscapes closer to nature. Where possible we aim to provide more natural habitat for wildlife (while preventing animal problems), use plants more for soil stabilization and erosion control (than typical stone or petrochemical products), improve the soil web biome and provide areas for rainwater to re-charge the groundwater supply.


The key to exceeding our customers’ expectations begins with listening closely to them. Our Landscape Consultations are done at your property where we'll start by understanding your goals, what you love to do in your leisure time, how you envision using your space, and your style preferences. We’ll look at your property and its buildings to know what we’re working with, assess any physical issues that a design plan will have to incorporate, or site problems that may need to be solved. We can provide you with a list of plants that are best suited for your landscape with placement suggestions, recommendations for interlocking or natural stone and even have hand-outs with tips for installing and maintaining your landscape. Consultations can also be used solely for determining your plants health or getting advice on how to properly maintain your landscape.

First Hour: $135 (includes travel time) Each Additional Hour: $85

Hand Drawn Design (to scale):

Front Yard $85

Back Yard $100

Front and Back Yard $150

*hand-drawn design is prepared off-site after completing the on-site consultation. prices listed are for areas up to 3000 square feet

Professional DynaScape Designs

Our Professional Designs start with an on-site consultation to discuss what elements you want to see, how you plan on using the landscape, what you like and don't like, gardens, trees or pathways and patios that could or should be included and the style of the landscape that you like as well as what is best suited to your property and buildings. This includes deciding on colours, texture and any other special considerations. We will then take detailed measurements, identify the location of all buildings and structures and prepare a Professional Custom Design using DynaScape Design Software. Prices are based on an area that is a maximum of 3000 square feet

Front Yard $550

Back Yard $625

Front and Back Yard $900

add colour to design + $125

*includes up to 8 total hours for consultation and design per landscape area or up to 14 hours for two areas.

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